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  • Connexion Mobility - Thought-leader Speaker Series

    August 8: 9am-6pm | Meet on 6

    The Chicago Connectory welcomes you to attend Connexion Mobility - a full-day event filled with inspirational speakers, exhibitions, networking and more centered on the mobility industry. The Connexion Mobility Thought-leader Speaker Series brings together local mobility influencers, civic leaders, industry drivers, innovative companies, startups, and more to inspire and engage you in the mobility ecosystem.

    8:00am |
    Registration and Breakfast - Take advantage of the opportunity to enjoy an early breakfast and meet other attendees and exhibitors.
    8:50am |
    Event Opening Keynote - The event will kick-off with a keynote discussing the corporate perspective and the challenges that must be overcome to get results in the mobility industry.
    9:10am |
    State of Urban Mobility - Receive an overview of the current situation and future challenges of urban mobility.
    9:30am |
    City Perspective on Today’s Mobility - Civic leaders and experts will discuss the current perspective of cities and communities, as well as, challenges they face with mobility and how they are working to overcome them.
    10:15am |
    Panel: Data Sharing & Transparency - Join experts from insurance, software development and other specialties to discuss the controversial topic of data sharing within the mobility industry.
    11:15am |
    Panel: The Evolving World of Ride Share - Hear from major mobility players on how ride share has evolved and benefited the mobility industry.
    12:00pm |
    Autonomous & Electric Vehicles - Gain insights on the latest developments and current challenges with autonomous and electric vehicles.
    2:00pm |
    Mobility for All - Discover how mobility solutions must meet everyone's needs and how this goal can be accomplished.
    2:45pm |
    Active Projects in the U.S. - Get a look at the latest developments and new projects that are underway in the U.S. mobility community.
    3:30pm |
    Startup Pitch Contest - IoT startups and developers will pitch for the chance to win a series of prizes.
    4:30pm |
    Closure & Happy Hour - Join us for networking and drinks to close out the day!
    • Alexander Rieger - Bosch Automotive Electronics

      10:15 am | Data Sharing & Transparency

      About Alexander:

      Alexander is a Computer Scientist with an artificial intelligence (AI) background. Co-Founder of
      Innovations GmbH which was acquired by Bosch in 2018. Experience in big data, Internet of things (IoT),
      analytics, block-chain & DLT, consulting, business valuation, developing business models and deep
      automotive connectivity knowledge. Alexander is working for Bosch Automotive Electronics in Chicago.

    • Audrey Wennink – Director of Metropolitan Planning Council

      9:30 am | City Perspective on Today’s Mobility

      About Audrey:

      Audrey directs MPC’s transportation efforts and coordinates transportation initiatives with other
      facets of planning including affordable housing, land use, equity and the environment. She leads
      transportation research and advocacy efforts including pursuing sustainable funding for
      transportation in Illinois, integration of performance-based planning methods into transportation
      practice, and developing efforts to boost transportation equity. She led development of
      the Transit Means Business report highlighting the need for transit investment to support jobs in
      the region, as well as the #BustedCommute campaign to highlight the need for transportation
      investment in Illinois. She serves on various regional stakeholder committees guiding
      transportation project development. She also leads the MPC Regional Planning &
      Investments Advisory Committee, comprised of regional business and public policy leaders

    • Adam Hecktman - Director of Technology & Civic Innovation - Chicago Microsoft Corporation

      10:15 am | Data Sharing & Transparency

      About Adam:

      In this capacity, Adam helps the cities' civic leaders – and the communities they serve – use
      cutting-edge ideas around technology to solve the city’s biggest social challenges. He provides
      guidance on the key issues and opportunities facing neighborhoods and communities today and
      in the future.
      Prior to this role, Adam was the Director of the Microsoft Technology Center – Chicago, helping
      organizations ensure long-term success when facing their toughest business challenges and

    • Brenna Berman - Executive Director of City Tech

      9:10am | State of Urban Mobility

      About Brenna:

      Brenna is Executive Director of City Tech, an IoT urban infrastructure lab that transforms cities
      into testbeds for new ideas. City Tech remakes essential services and infrastructure, from skills
      to skyscrapers and expands those solutions to other cities, thus increasing the world’s odds of
      solving big, urban problems.
      Prior to joining City Tech, Brenna served in Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s administration,
      which she joined in 2011. She served as the Chief Information Officer for the City and
      Commissioner for the Department of Innovation & Technology (DoIT) from 2012 to spring of

    • DAVID C. WOESSNER - Executive Vice President, Corporate Development and Regulatory Affairs, LM Industries Group, Inc

      12:00am | Autonomous & Electric Vehicles

      About David:

      David serves as the General Manager of Local Motors in National Harbor, MD, as well as EVP
      of Corporate Development and Regulatory Affairs for LM Industries. Woessner is a regularly
      sought-after advisor, board member and speaker. Currently He also serves on the Greater
      Washington Board of Trade’s Smart Cities Taskforce.

    • David Leopold - Director of City Solutions for the City Tech Collaborative

      2:45 pm | Active Projects

      About David:

      In his role, he facilitates cross-sector collaboration among universities, government, and
      industry to drive innovative solutions to complex urban challenges.
      Prior to joining City Tech in 2015, David was Program Manager for the Chicago Department of
      Transportation Streetscape and Sustainable Design Program, where he directed nearly $100
      million of policy, planning, and construction projects ranging from pocket parks and public
      markets to streetscapes and master plans.
      David has a bachelor’s degree in operations and strategic management from Boston College
      and a master’s in Urban and Regional Planning from the University of Michigan. He is a former
      lecturer at the University of Illinois, Chicago and currently serves on the board of Foresight
      Design, a nonprofit that provides education and community building for sustainable
      transformation in the Midwest.

    • Hannah Martin - Planner III at Tri-County Regional Planning Commission

      2:45pm | Active Projects

      About Hanna:

      Hannah Martin is a Planner III at Tri-County Regional Planning Commission, the
      Metropolitan Planning Organization for Greater Peoria. As the MPO, coordinates a
      planning process that brings together local governments, transportation authorities, and
      interested members of the public to assist in creating transportation policy and
      developing comprehensive plans that reflect the area’s transportation vision for the
      future. As a transportation planner, Hannah focuses on asset management, urban and
      rural mobility coordination, and intelligent transportation systems. Her roots in
      transportation began with a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from Bradley
      University. Now with over five years at Tri-County RPC, she has developed a
      comprehensive understanding of the region's transportation network and leverages that
      knowledge to improve mobility and livability in Greater Peoria and its communities

    • Jerry Quandt – Executive Director of the Illinois Autonomous Vehicles Association

      12:00 pm | Autonomous & Electric Vehicles

      About Jerry:

      Jerry Quandt is the Executive Director of the Illinois Autonomous Vehicles Association. The Association is
      a privately funded, not-for-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of autonomous vehicle
      technologies within the State of Illinois. The organization's focus is to establish Illinois as the leader in
      the development, design, and application of the system-of-systems that will transform mobility as we
      know it. Jerry has worked most of his career in global marketing and business transformation in a variety
      of verticals.  He also spent some of his early career working in the political arena at local, state and
      federal levels in Illinois, Washington DC and Ireland.  His passion is to continue to create consumer-
      centric solutions leveraging bleeding-edge technologies to increase people's quality of life.

    • Jochen Renz - Managing Director of the New Mobility Studio at Rocket Wagon Venture Studios

      10:15am | Data Sharing & Transparency

      About Joe:

      He understands the car as an important building block in the future of multi-modal mobility.
      However, much of the disruptive innovation happens in the form of solutions around the vehicle
      and in the broader mobility ecosystem. Joe views Distributed Ledger Technology as the enabler
      of IoT, Big Data and AI/ML to create the System of Systems. Joe goes far beyond the vehicle
      itself and takes a holistic view of the emerging smart mobility and transportation space aka New
      Mobility World.

    • Katharina Hopp – Vice President of the business Urban Solutions at Bosch

      9:30 am | City Perspective on Today’s Mobility

      About Katharina:

      Katharina and her global team are responsible for Bosch’s urban mobility strategy as well as business in
      urban mobility and beyond. Her passion is trailblazing and pioneering new ventures, which she has done
      already several times.
      Katharina has more than 15 years of expertise in user-driven innovation management, product
      management, and go-to-market strategies in hardware business and digitalization. She possesses a
      proven record of accomplishments in both strategic and operational business.

    • Mike Mansuetti - President, Bosch in North America

      8:50am | Key Note speaker

      About Mike:

      Mike Mansuetti is president of Bosch in North America, a position he has held since 2012. In
      this role, Mansuetti works with Bosch’s business units and sales organizations, with a focus on
      cross-divisional opportunities and new business fields.
      Mansuetti is immediate past chair of the Original Equipment Suppliers Association (OESA), a
      member of the board of directors of the Motor & Equipment Manufacturers Association (MEMA),
      and a member of the board of trustees at Kettering University. He is a member of the Consumer
      Technology Association Executive Board, and serves on the Advisory Board for the Clemson
      University College of Engineering, Computing and Applied Sciences.

    • Ryan D. Gammelgard – Counsel in the State Farm Corporate Law Department

      10:15 am | Data Sharing & Transparency

      About Ryan:

      Ryan helps coordinate, develop, and analyze the company's public policy positions and various
      legislative endeavors, including those related to such innovation related issues as automated
      vehicles, drones, and data issues.  
      For automated vehicles issues, he works on state and federal issues, including developing State
      Farm’s comments on NHTSA’s Federal Automated Vehicle Policy, its nomination to the U.S.
      DOT Advisory Committee on Automation in Transportation, developing and providing
      testimony before the U.S. House of Representatives and a number of state agencies and
      legislative bodies, and reviewing proposed laws.  He is also part of the National Association of
      Mutual Insurance Companies (NAMIC) Automated Vehicle Council and the University of
      Michigan’s MCity program Legal Working Group, both of which focus on public policy and
      legal issues associated with automated and connected vehicles.

    • Eric Rask - Principal Research Engineer in Center for Transportation Research

      12:00 am | Autonomous & Electric Vehicles

      About Eric:

      Currently focusing on Connected and Automated Vehicle (CAV) technology and the
      implications of expanded vehicle sensing and location awareness, he also leads the
      CAV focus area of DOE’s multi-lab SMART Mobility efforts. Mr. Rask also leads a
      range of cross-functional projects investigating the integration of machine learning and
      cyber-security within the mobility space. Prior to joining Argonne, Mr. Rask worked at
      General Motors in several areas related to electrified vehicle development. He is the
      co-author of eight patents related to hybrid powertrain architectures and electrified
      vehicle operation as well as numerous publications in the areas of vehicle systems
      analysis and technology assessment. Eric has a MS in Mechanical Engineering from
      the University of Michigan and a BS in both Mechanical Engineering and
      Industrial/Operations Engineering from the University of Michigan

    • Sharon Feigon - Executive Director Shared-Use Mobility Center

      11:15am | Evolving World of Ride Share

      About Sharon:

      Sharon is the founder and executive director of the Shared-Use Mobility Center,
      a public-interest organization which fosters collaboration in shared mobility
      between public and private sectors, conducts innovative research, develops pilot
      projects to test shared mobility strategies, and provides advice and technical
      assistance to cities and regions in order to help extend the benefits of shared
      mobility for all.
      Prior to founding SUMC, Sharon was the CEO of IGO Carsharing, the nonprofit
      organization that started car-sharing in the Chicago region. Under Sharon’s
      leadership, IGO grew from a pilot project into a successful operating company
      with 15,000 members. Sharon was also a founder of the national Carsharing
      Association and Co-Chair of the Transportation Research Board’s Shared
      Vehicle Committee.

    • Serhat Cicekoglu –  Founder of Anka Capital and Sente Foundry

      4:00pm | Startup Pitch Contest

      About Serhat:

      He is an expert on Innovation Management with over 25 years of industry experience serving
      corporations in Consumer Electronics, Semiconductor, Consumer Goods, and Industrial Products
      sectors, including AMD, Accenture, KPMG, and SAP.
      In 2008, Mr. Cicekoglu has founded Sente Foundry located in Chicago, IL USA. Sente Foundry is a
      startup investment program funded by corporations, financial investors like family offices and VCs as
      well as municipalities. Sente Foundry is also the exclusive international startup accelerator program
      partner of 1871, largest technology hub in North America.

    • Klaus Uwe Roehm - Manager,  Process Integration Bosch in North America

      2:00pm | Autonomous & Electric Vehicles

      About Klaus:

      Klaus Uwe Roehm is an Industrial IoT (Connected Industry) specialist and Distributed Ledger Technology
      (DLT) enthusiast at Bosch in North America.
      He has 20+ years of experience in manufacturing and advanced planning systems and works with Bosch
      plants in developing and applying new technology to production and logistics processes.
      He also consults with the Chicago Connectory on Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT). In addition, he
      reviews, evaluates and consults with startups in DLT and Connected Industry.

    • Beth Bond - Head of City Development NA, Bosch

      2pm | What makes a City or State "Smart" Panel

      About Beth

      Beth has over 12 years of experience in digital platform, civic tech and educational program development. She has worked with startups, corporate teams, social ventures and nonprofit agencies to identify strategic partnerships, launch products and cultivate community.

    • Nick Moran - General Partner, New Stack Ventures

      11am | Moderator - Impact of IoT on Transportation

      3:30pm | IoT Startup Pitch Competition Judge

      About Nick

      Nick is a general partner at a Midwest, early-stage venture capital investing firm focused around 1st stage, IoT companies.

    • Steve Wernikoff – Partner in the Chicago office of Honigman LLP

      10:15 am | Data Sharing & Transparency

      About Steve:

      Steve Wernik off is a partner in the Chicago office of Honigman LLP and co-leads the firm’s
      autonomous vehicles and data security and privacy practices.  Steve regularly provides legal
      guidance concerning data use, monetization, privacy and security.  Prior to joining Honigman,
      Steve spent 17 years at the Federal Trade Commission and was lead counsel in civil
      prosecutions involving a wide range of e-commerce and emerging technology issues, including
      internet and mobile advertising, credit card and other financial fraud, data privacy and security,
      spam, and telemarketing.  Steve also served as Enforcement Director of the FTC’s Office of
      Technology and Investigation, coordinating matters involving mobile and emerging
      technologies, privacy, data security, emerging payment methods, fraud, big data, and the
      “internet of things.”

    • Ellen Partridge – Policy & Strategy Director at the Shared-Use Mobility Center

      About Ellen:

      Ellen has served in key positions at the U.S. Department of Transportation (Chief Counsel for the
      Research and Innovative Technology Administration, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Research &
      Technology, and Chief Counsel for the Federal Transit Agency), represented the Chicago Transit
      Authority (the nation's second-largest transit agency), and practiced with the firms of Jenner & Block in
      Chicago and Van Ness Feldman in Washington, D.C. Ellen has lived in the Republic of Palau, where she
      counseled its government during its transition to independence.

    • Frank Sgambati – Director Business Development Robert Bosch LLC

      2:45 pm | Active Projects

      About Frank:

      He focuses on defining and executing go-to-market strategies for smart city solutions
      with internal Bosch business units and external partners. Mr. Sgambati is responsible
      for spearheading the strategy and collaboration for smart city solutions for mobility,
      infrastructure, energy and security.
      Since joining Bosch in 1998, Mr. Sgambati has held a variety of positions with
      increasing responsibility in engineering, marketing, and management in the U.S., the
      U.K., and Germany, including several positions as project manager and regional key
      account manager. His most recent position was director of marketing for the Chassis
      System Controls division of Robert Bosch LLC. Prior to joining Bosch, Sgambati held
      various engineering and manufacturing positions at other industrial companies.

    • Dennis Boecker - Global Lead IT Innovation Robert Bosch LLC

      As Global Lead IT Innovation, Dennis Boecker is responsible for the global IT innovation team that
      fosters the IoT initiative within Bosch. Using lean startup practices and design thinking approaches, the
      IT innovation organization facilitates company-wide IoT innovation within Bosch. Within this role, Dennis
      leads the Chicago Connectory, a new center for IoT co-creation in the Midwest. The Chicago Connectory
      is a co-creation space that brings together startups, universities, and other corporate partners to drive
      IoT business models and aims to establish a strong IoT ecosystem for the Chicagoland community and

  • Connexion Mobility – Main Exhibition

    August 8: 9am-6pm | Chicago Connectory

    Experience mobility-focused IoT technology in action by walking through the Connexion Mobility Main Exhibition. The exhibition will host over 30 interactive exhibits from large corporations and startups, each showcasing solutions that are transforming the mobility industry.

    The exhibition area will be open the entire day during the speaker series. The space also has meeting rooms available for exhibitors to book for customer meetings or networking.

    Are you interested in using this opportunity to showcase your IoT products, services or solutions and make meaningful connections? Contact us through the button below to become an exhibiting sponsor.

    Want to Exhibit?

Connexion Mobility - Pitch Contest

Is your startup using IoT to disrupt in the mobility industry? Apply to the Connexion Mobility Startup Pitch Contest to tell the world and potentially even win some prizes!

This contest is focused on early-stage IoT companies with a focus on mobility. They must have a proof-of-concept product/service in-market or must be expanding their current offerings to include IoT integration or an IoT product/service in their mobility solution.

If selected, your company will receive:

  • A free showcase table in the ‘Startup Zone’ exhibition area
  • The opportunity to present a 3-minute pitch on the Connexion Mobility main stage
  • The chance to win some prizes!

Note: To submit your application in F6S click ‘Connect with Serhat, Gerod & Angela’ after completing the application.

  • Connexion Mobility - Host

    Chicago Connectory - is the first open-innovation space in the Midwest completely dedicated to IoT (the Internet of Things). A collaboration between Robert Bosch LLC and 1871, the Chicago Connectory is devoted to growing a thriving ecosystem of IoT startups, invested corporations, supporting organizations, influencers and technology enthusiasts. Covering nearly 20,000 square feet in Chicago’s historic Merchandise Mart, the Chicago Connectory is home to an IoT startup co-working space, a growing inspirational experience of IoT solutions, featured events, workshops, cutting-edge corporate projects and beyond.

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